SMF Station / Tabletop robotics “Smart Micro Factory”

Compact solution

The use of innovative automation solutions allows us to offer you a fully embedded solution in a compact and ergonomic tabletop station.

Ultra-low power consumption

Thanks to the use of the latest generation, efficient and compact components, these stations are particularly economical, their average power consumption is less than 80W!

Custom configuration

We configure these stations according to your needs: Assemblying, quality control, metrology, special processes, etc.

Low-cost production

Thanks to a design adapted to process automation on small & medium size components, these stations allow you to carry out your production at a reduced cost.

Tabletop production line

Configurable and modular according to your needs, all you have to do is assemble and connect your stations to create a complete production line that fits entirely on a table!

These stations are particularly suitable for the production of small to medium series.

Technical data

° Dimension:
450x600x615mm (LxPxH) / Detailed dimensions in the Datasheet / Special sizes on request

° Ergonomics:
5″ touch interface for production control (HMI also available via web interface) / Swivel protection for optimum access to the process area

° Power consumption:
80W / 230V single-phase (example of an average consumption of a station equipped with 1 robot, 2 vibrating bowls and 1 camera)

Technical data

° Safety:
nterlocking on the swivel guard for maximum safety

° Automation:
B&R Automation (other system on request)

° Connectivity:
Interconnection of multiple stations possible via OPC UA / HMI and diagnostic functionality available from a web server

° Robotics:
Ultra-compact 6-axis robot Meca500 (Repeatability: 5μm)

Stand-alone station and production line

Examples of station configuration

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