Meca500 / Ultra-compact 6 axis robot

We offer a unique solution for positioning and handling in small confined spaces, an intelligent alternative to fixed automation.

We supply you with the smallest 6-axis industrial robot,
the most compact and precise, the essential component
for your automation project!

For more information we invite you to visit the website of our partner and manufacturer of this incredible tool or to consult the documentation available below.

Technical data

° Repeatability : 0.005mm
° Payload : 500g
° Total robot weight : 4,5kg
° Reach : 260mm
° Average power consumption : <100W

=> All data available in the robot documentation.


Protection system – HoroBot B500

Electric gripper – MEGP-25

Tool Changer – Available soon

Price and delay

In order to get a personalized quote we invite you to take contact with the HoroSys Team.

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