HoroBot B501 / PowerSupply-PLC interface

PowerSupply-PLC Interface

As the current Meca500 power and safety module (PowerSupply) cannot be directly interfaced to a PLC without additional resistors, we have developed this module to simplify this operation and to be able to directly and simply connect PLC’s I/O to the PowerSupply.

Simple wiring

This accessory allows you to simplify and standardize the wiring because you only need to use a standard D-Sub 15 cable to connect the PowerSupply to the HoroBot B501, then use the screw terminal of the latter to wire the I/O directly to your PLC.

A conversion module is also integrated so that you can use a NPN ou PNP input of your PLC.

Technical data

° Dimension :
45x80x35mm (width x depth x height)

° Fixing :
DIN rail clip

° X1 Connector :
1x Sub-D 15p male connector / Connection with standard cable on the PowerSupply

Technical data

° X2 connector :
12x screw terminals (0.5mm² max) / Wire connection to your PLC

° Input voltage:

° Output voltage :
24VDC / NPN ou PNP (for the “External power status detection” output)

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